Aglow Internation Mission Statement

· Help restore and mobilize women and men around the world

· Promote gender reconciliation in the Body of Christ as God designed

· Amplify awareness of global concerns from a biblical perspective

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Winter Park Aglow Meeting February 9, 2013

Everlasting Love
Written by a 13 year-old girl
8/17/1999 - 12/31/2012
Take a deep breath, clear your thoughts and remember this:
Jesus loves you and He will forever.
He has loved you since the day you were born,
And he will love you through the day that He needs you.
"I trust in God's unfailing love forever and ever." Ps. 52:8
He loves you and all creation.
Jesus is always there watching you with loving eyes,
And walking with you.
He will be holding your hand along the way.
"His love endures forever."  Ps. 136:26
He will always be there loving you always.
God, bless me with the strength so that I can
spread your unfailing love,
And help me to love everyone. Amen.    11/2011
"Rest in God's loving arms, Elizabeth."
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