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Christmas Celebration with Winter Park Aglow December 8, 2012

What does it mean to us?
Is it a time to dread all the preparations that we must do, all the gifts we feel compelled to purchase, which are opened, put away, and most of the time forgotten?
It seems to be a time when most people are a little kinder to each other, but it can be a very lonely time for someone who has lost a loved one, and this is the first Christmas spent without them.
We need to search our hearts, and ask the Lord what He would desire.  I believe His answer would not be something that we particularly wanted to hear.  We would rather wrap ourselves up in paper and ribbons, eat all the delicious food that has been prepared, and look at all the shining, glistening lights that seem to come out of nowhere at this time of year; only to be stashed away for another season.  It just doesn't last!
Our hearts can be full of sorrow, but we put on our happy, cheerful face to try to fool ourselves and others, not admitting that we are full of sadness.  Jesus did not come to make us feel this way.  He came to give us joy unspeakable. We are to be full of gladness and to be the light of the world- a real example of what Christmas means, to a lost and dying population. 
My prayer for us is that we might be so close to His heart, that we by the Holy Spirit, would rejoice and be glad that our Saviour has come and given us the greatest gifts of all...the gifts of the Holy Spirit and of eternal life.  Remember all of the promises in the Word and claim them for yourself and your loved ones. We need to just keep praying until the answers are manifest.  Amen.
We at Winter Park Aglow Community Lighthouse wish you a wonderful Christmas and a blessed, Happy New Year. 
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